Contemplations on our October 2017 Group Journey

Since my return from Egypt in late October I have had many shifts and realisations.  Our activations on this journey were orchestrated by the Goddess Seshat and were patterned on her crown.  In one of her channellings in the early 2000s her words were clear about the intention and purpose for this particular pattern of activations.  

The elements related to these higher chakras are 24, 36, 48, 60, 72, 84, 96 and 108. It is no surprise that most of these elements are associated with a gas and their purpose in the energy field is to organize communication with higher realities and to shield us from high frequency rays and other toxic energies that we are not accustomed to having in our life here in the physical world. As connectedness is essential to life in all its forms, our energy field and the associated aspects and elements of it are all designed to create a connected universe. Hence we have energetic means of communication along with all the protections we may need as we undertake our deepest forms of connection.

Beverley Howarth. Inner Resonance (Kindle Locations 566-571). 

The implications of the elements beneath your feet are only one aspect of your journey into the realm of the physical world. These elements also are required for your connection to the spiritual realms and all twelve work together in order to create the matrix of solid energy for your physical form to take shape. As we spoke last time, elements 24 to 108 work in conjunction with each other to protect your sixth chakra from galactic energy forces. The twelve elements which you have been discovering beneath your feet, are also activated above your head mingling with other associated energies into your seventh chakra. As you may remember the laws of the universe as above so below must always prevail. You are in an enhanced field at the moment with the sun having completed its solar shift and the solar flares being activated to the degree they have thus far. The twelve elements into your seventh chakra are providing a shield like protection as they are also in your journey into the earth.

Beverley Howarth. Inner Resonance (Kindle Locations 576-581)

During recent weeks since my return we have had news of Archeologists and Scientists discovering a huge cavity in the Great Pyramid with the use of muon-detecting sensors.  Muons are cosmic energies and it seems to me that our work in the activations of these higher elements has in some way been associated with the organised communication with higher realities of this latest find.  I'm anticipating many more discoveries with the use of these cosmic and higher frequency instruments.

I can also report on a personal level that I have been very aware of major shifts in my consciousness during the last three weeks since my return.  During some of these times I have needed much more sleep than I usually require and only now feel motivated and energised once again.

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