Beverley Howarth Healing Practitioner

Dip IES BPsych; Post Grad Adv Dip IES BPsych;
Grad Dip BBSH (USA); Grad BIP (BBSH); Grad CIL (USA); ACA member; ACA supervisor

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Experienced body psychotherapist and Brennan Healing Science practitioner Beverley Howarth combines two major modalities; psychotherapy (or counselling) and high quality energy healing Brennan Healing Science (BHS) to promote self-growth and healing through the relief of stress, anxiety, depression, spiritual and emotional pain and the physical symptoms.

Based on the premise that humans possess an inherent self-regulatory ability for self-healing, Beverley supports this process by detecting energy blockages through conversation and her High Sense Perception and then during an energy healing she assists you to bring about a unification of your physical and your emotional bodies and your psyche and spirituality.

Trained by Dr Barbara Ann Brennan, former NASA physicist and best selling author of "Hands of Light", "Light Emerging" and "Core Light Healing", Beverley offers a treatment which is deeply relaxing and balancing of your entire system. Whether you are carrying emotional baggage, spiritual pain or just need to deeply relax your body and mind, a treatment with Beverley can help you! 

Do you need healing?

  • Are you anxious or suffering from stress or pain and wonder if there is something more to life?
  • Do you feel stuck in the past and need to release your old emotional pain?
  • Are you looking for a place where you can feel safe and nurtured and where you are held in complete confidentiality?

Come and experience the interconnection between your physical body and your emotional, mental, and spiritual health. Working together, Beverley can help you to access your innate healing ability and connect you with your own inner guidance. This will enable you to explore major stresses in your life and change your old patterns of behaviour that contribute to your ill health.  Beverley is also experienced with working with her clients during surgery.  She had the opportunity to be present in the OR of a hospital in USA in 2000 working as a healing professional alongside the surgical and nursing team.  Since then she has energetically connected with surgical teams here in Australia and been energetically present working alongside the surgeons at her clients' requests.  This has proven to be very successful for the clients' wellbeing and has quickened their recovery time by several weeks in some cases.  

Brennan Healing Science practitioners have over two thousand hours of training and facilitate physical healing of many disease conditions, quicken recovery from surgery and trauma, reduce pain, and assist with emotional, psychological and spiritual healing.


Beverley practices at The Work Well, 108 Latrobe Terrace, Paddington, Qld on Tuesdays.  She also has a number of clients who live away from Brisbane and does skype or telephone sessions.  

Beverley is a registered supervisor and supervises several clients both in face to face sessions and telephone or skype.

TO MAKE AN APPOINTMENT:  Phone Beverley on 0420 403 102