Beverley at Sakkara, 2012

Beverley at Sakkara, 2012

Beverley Howarth is a life-long student of the Great Mysteries. In her childhood that devotion was expressed in her desire to explore her home and her surroundings. Long days in the sunny climes of Brisbane, Australia — winter or summer — she was found outdoors making coloured and perfumed concoctions with her sister or exploring the neighbouring bushland finding new treasures. Her connections to the Earth are strong and her love and understanding of crystals comes from a strong, innate knowing of their nature.

She has been a student of the healing arts since 1980, studying, mastering and working with different modalities including telephone crisis line counselling, kinesiology, psychodrama, and NLP.

In 1998 she graduated from the Barbara Brennan School of Healing and began a Teaching Post Graduate program there. She taught at BBSH until 2004.  For nearly 25 years, she has operated a successful practice in Brisbane and is the founder and creator of Institute of Energy Science, a training school for personal and spiritual healing and development.

Her love affair with Egypt has lasted for lifetimes, but started in this life in 2006 journeying with world-renowned sound healer, Tom Kenyon. She has made more than 40 trips to this beloved country, exploring, re-membering ancient experiences and knowledge along the way. Beverley has a registered travel agency and has led trips to Egypt since 2008.

She published her first book Inner Resonance in 2015, available on in Kindle format and on iBooks.

Now is the time to bring all of these teachings together and create the activations for the earth and all of her inhabitants with this series of journeys for this purpose.