Activation 24 Chromium

We activated the element Chromium at the beautiful Old Gate of the original Temple of Isis at Philae.  We connected in with the crystal Spinel and the oil of Fossilised Amber.  We use the crystal to connect us deeply into the earth and the oil connects us to the divine.   The aspects of both the crystal and the oil enhance our ability to connect with the element Chromium.

As we connected in to the sacred space of the Gateway to the burial ground for Osiris we felt extremely deep grounding to the point of feeling drawn down into the earth.  At the same time we experienced a strong extremely high drawing upward. Many of us continued to feel the reverberations hours after we completed our work.  Our work focused on the pattern of Seshat's crown and in particular the aspect to the lower right spoke of the wheel.

This activation set a high standard for the remainder of the work to follow.  We were able to hold the energy from portal to portal and thus added to the continuity of the work.

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