Our Group is Gathering

As our time draws near I feel the energy gathering and gaining momentum.  The ancients are awaiting our arrival as we continue to bring our human interactions to their realm in order to prepare us for our next activations toward a new consciousness for humanity.

There is a great shift happening all over the planet. A shift towards greater consciousness and sharing love and wisdom.  Many of us are called to participate in this shift and I am one who is answering the call. 

I have been traveling to Egypt home to one of the most advanced civilizations on earth since 2006.   Over the course of these many visits I have gathered the neters of the ancients into the deepest recesses of my being. 

These ancient energies have stirred other associations in my inner world. Associations and expanded consciousness of a greater wisdom which has been buried in my past.  This has led to this spiritual journey where the mystery continues to unfold. 

The mystery of deeper connection to the beautiful planet earth,

 to ourselves and to all humanity.  

We are called to certain energetic portals to remember and connect with lost and forgotten elements of ourselves and the earth. 

If you like the sound and feeling of what we are doing, then we need your support and presence with us on our next sacred journey in October.  We are meeting in Cairo on 8th October and will leave Egypt for our homes on 18th October.

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