Looking forward to our October 2017 Group tour

As I sit and prepare for this next journey to Egypt in October I am reminded of the next steps we are to take whilst we are present there.  We are activating eight more elements in the periodic table of elements:  numbers 24, 36, 48, 60, 72, 84, 96 and 108 along with four others bringing the total number to twelve.  

Most of these elements are associated with gases and their purpose in the energy field is to organise communication with higher realities and to shield us from high frequency rays and other toxic energies that we are not accustomed to having in our life here in the physical world.  As connectedness is essential to life in all its forms, our energy field and the associated aspects and elements of it are all designed to create a connected universe.  Hence we have energetic means of communication along with all the protections we may need as we undertake our deepest forms of connection.

There are associations with the number twelve all throughout sacred writings and these elements are no exception in terms of how crucial it is for there to be twelve.  They interact with each other and provide great detail in terms of atoms that the body can formulate into specific energetic criteria and translate this into human vibration. 

 Scientists at the moment are focusing much of their time and effort into the understanding of the energy body and the energy field.  The movement into twelve DNA strands, which is occurring throughout these times is what has brought the interest into the associations between chemical elements and human form. 

One of my favourite goddesses of ancient Egypt is Seshat and the shape of her headdress is a pattern for the next activations.  I am really excited about this section of the work as I feel a great harmony when I am in the presence of Seshat and we will be seeing a lot of her this time because of her involvement in this next section of our energy evolution.

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