Activation 72 Hafnium

In the sacred chapel of Isis at the Temple of Dendera we activated the element Hafnium which we connected with the crystal Seraphinite and the plant oil Rose.  

Rose is the highest vibrational oil. Because of this it can recalibrate and balance the mind, emotions and body.  It has been used as a sacred oil throughout history and is associated with goddess energy.  Because it is also high in frequency has the ability to create connection with the divine which has been one of its purposes in many sacred rituals.  It opens the heart to unconditional love of self and other and opens the crown connecting us to divine love.

The crystal Seraphinite relates to self healing, regeneration, wholeness and angelic connection.

We felt spiraling energy all around us and the presence of wings enfolding us. It was a beautiful experience and we were very reluctant to leave the space of this beautiful chapel.

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