Activation 13 Aluminium

We activated eight points on the Merkaba vehicle and as we did so, we were held by the energies present in each of the portals we were guided to.  I would like to acknowledge my gratitude for this guidance and assistance by the ancient ones as we connected in to them and they to us.

We visited the Temple of Mandulis at Kalabsha for our first activation of the element Aluminium.  I was guided to this temple for this activation and since our experiences there I can see the divine order in this work which has been set out for us to follow.  This first activation was of the top point on the Merkaba.  The Island of Kalabsha is in Lake Nasser which is furthest south on the River Nile and the beginning of our northward journey - moving downward into our Merkaba.

Our first connection was with the god Mandulis who was often depicted wearing an elaborate headdress of ram's horns, cobras and plumes surmounted by sun discs.  He was a Nubian sun god who was often equated with the Egyptian god Horus and the Greek god Apollo.  This god provided great strength to our quest.

We were then drawn to the goddess Anukis (Anuket), goddess of the sky and also a goddess of the hunt who was worshipped as a protective deity during childbirth.  In this temple Anukis is also representing the goddess Isis who is goddess of heaven.  This feels particularly potent and highly significant to me as we turned our attention to the top of our Merkaba.  This is the connection point to the Divine and as such is a birthing place for all our Merkaba holds.  We are birthing a new connection with our Merkaba and in turn its connection to the Divine Merkaba.

The god Ptah was then shown to us.  He is a creator-god and maker of things, a patron of craftsmen, especially sculptors and architects.  In this temple, Ptah is holding a staff  consisting of three aspects:  Waset (power), Ankh (life) and Djed (strength).  Once again we are in the sacred space of a god whose mastery lies in the creation and new beginnings.  This is exactly what our Merkaba vehicle provides for us.

We also found a relief of Selket (Serket) on the wall.  As Selket held the secrets of poisonous venoms and their antidotes, most of Selket's devotees were healers and magicians.  Her protective qualities did not only cover life but also death and the afterlife as well, and she was revered for giving both the kiss of death and the breath of rebirth.  Selket's magic came from knowing the land and its creatures, and understanding the roles of life, death and rebirth.  I am struck by the connections of this goddess to the earth and its creatures - similarly the elements present in all life and death.

We were also in the presence of Horus, a god in the form of a falcon whose right eye was the sun or morning star, representing power and quintessence, and whose left eye was the moon or evening star, representing healing.  He is often referred to as the god of Kings.  On the walls of this temple he was accompanied by his consort Selket.  

As I write this summarisation of our experience I can see and feel the absolute power, strength and structure held here for this first activation.

As we sat together during the activation our experience was of sitting under a waterfall of a smooth substance which we interpreted as a liquid form of aluminium.  We asked for distribution of this substance to bring harmony and balance into our personal body and life and into the life of all the cosmos as we move as a group body into the fifth dimension.  We felt an extremely heightened activity in the neocortex.