The Starry Sky

When I was a young girl around 8 years old, one evening I lay down flat on my back and looked up at the stars in the garden of my home.  The darker the sky became, the brighter the stars became and each moment I looked around, more and more seem to be appearing.  Where do they come from I wondered?

Then my attention was drawn to one bright one and then everything changed forever more.  This star was talking to me!

I sat up with my eyes riveted to my star, which I had already named Centaur.  I had recently read a book and became enchanted by the hero, who was a horse named Centaur.  He was kind and strong and saved his town from a fire by warning all the people of the smoke over the hill.

As I let myself become one with Centaur he responded to me in a very unusual way.  Suddenly I had become one of the inhabitants of this star and I found myself sitting with a group of children in a schoolroom.  They were learning star travel and all were very interested in this.

The teacher knew all about star travel.  And I knew that I also knew all about star travel.  It’s as if each word that was said was coming from my own mind.  This was one of the strangest things I had ever done.  And yet, I was totally enthralled with this idea.

I seemed to have a lot of knowledge inside me now.  I was able to know things before I heard them.  In my own wondrous world everything was bright and full of promise.  

This was my very early connection with the stars and the first element Hydrogen.  

On one of my many visits to Egypt (something like 43 times now) I visited this ancient site where stood a magnificent altar made from five large blocks of alabaster.  I was immediately drawn to this powerful energetic altar and knew that it was going to play a significant part in the mystery of unlocking the many secrets held in this ancient land.

During our last group visit in April 2017 I chose this site to be the place where we activated the element Hydrogen.  You can see from this image the deep connection between the starry sky and all of the beings on this beautiful planet earth.  

As the mystery continues to unfold we will learn much more about how we may use hydrogen in our daily life.  I've recently read that CSIRO in Australia have said that they are working on technology to convert hydrogen into the ultimate clean fuel.  "The only emission arising in the use of hydrogen is water.  You can also manufacture hydrogen completely renewably".  (excerpt from press release).