Activation 2 Helium

We chose the Old Gate at the original site of Philae Island for the activation of the element Helium.  This site is the gate which marks the entrance to the garden where it is said that the left leg of Osiris was buried by his wife Isis after he had been chopped into 13 pieces by his brother Set, and it was here that the mummification process was performed.  The temple at Philae is dedicated to the goddess Isis and is situated in the first cataract of the River Nile.  During the construction of the high dam, the entire temple, except for the Old Gate was moved from the original island of Philae to the island of Agilkia where it stands today during the construction of the High Dam due to the flooding of Philae Island.

As we passed through the ancient gate, we could feel ourselves passing into a different world.  The vibrational quality was very different.  As we began our work, we felt the ground moving beneath our feet.  It was noted by some of us that Isis enfolded us in her wings as we stood on this sacred ground which felt very happy to have us visit her.  There was a strong sense of being protected and embraced by these wings.  It felt very much a place to breathe and expand and we were very aware of the magical energy which is palpable.  As our work came to a close, the ground stabilised and became very steady again.

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