The Work of the Alchemical Masters Nile Journey

REQUIRED READING:  Inner Resonance by Beverley Howarth

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This is a journey of alchemy and activation. Completion and creation. Redemption and renewal. 

We are calling forth members of our planetary family to come together to create a new template for living together in authentic interdependency on the Earth. 

"We" are a  consortium of ancient Egyptian deities including Seshat (Thoth's feminine aspect), Thoth, Isis, Osiris, Sekhmet and Mary Magdalen. For many years we have been working with various entities on the planet and have been instructing Beverley Howarth in these alchemical projects for lifetimes. Now is the time for her to make this work manifest in the world. 

The journey's mission is to activate deeper knowing in the human psyche and deeper levels of compassion for all sentient beings on the planet and for the planet Herself. Activations of cellular memory which integrate the highest interdimensional grids into our bodies are required at this time. We are participating in this deeply sacred work with selected members who wish to come forth at this time. You will know if this is your journey. 

Using the sacred ground and waters of Egypt with elements of the periodic table, assisted with high-frequency crystals and pure essential oils, we will create an energy field where this alchemical transformational shift can occur. 

The alchemical journey will culminate on Easter Sunday, the day that Yeshua emerged from the sarcophagus initiation. A special healing ceremony will be offered for those of you who in past lifetimes failed that initiation. A Kom Ombo initiation healing ceremony will also be offered. 

A five day Nile cruise is the alchemical container for this sacred work to release the past and create a new future. We sail during the full moon and prepare for the resurrection of the sacred template on Easter Sunday. 

Barbara Schmid