The Training

Your journey with us will help you gain a deeper understanding of yourself and others. The foundational knowledge and skills you build will help you transform all areas of your life. Your journey continues to deepen as you progress, leading you into greater levels of self awareness and consciousness. 

The foundation of your journey brings you into a stronger connection to all aspects of your humanity, through studying and experiencing attachment and developmental psychology, interpersonal and counselling skills, transpersonal (spiritual) development and meditation, group work and creative arts, ceremony and initiation, movement and body awareness, and energy anatomy and healing.  

Year One - Relationship to Self

Your journey this year encompasses all our levels of study in the context of relationship to self.  You will learn essential life and personal development skills such as grounding and movement, chakra and energetic perception, self awareness and meditation, early childhood and characterology theory, initiation and ceremony, and creating sacred space.

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Year Two - Relationship to Self and Other   

This year your journey is in the context of relationship to self and other.  You will be immersed in the experiences of shamanic journeys, and your relationship with archetypes. We will explore how they define your experience both in relationship to how you view yourself and how you relate to others. You will also deepen your relationships through chakra exploration and characterology theory.

Year Three - Relationship to Self, Other and the Divine

This year we focus toward deepening your relationships with yourself, others and your inner divinity.  Your journey is approached in relationship to the spiritual aspects of self and other and how these interactions affect us all.  We explore our relationship with external authority and our own inner authority through the chakras, counselling and characterology, group-work and ceremony.

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Year Four - Mastery

This year encompasses all prior levels of focus and how we integrate the separate approaches into our lives in a holistic model. You achieve this through the completion of a written paper and an advanced level of counselling skills. All stages of experience are focused on an integrative approach. It is during this year that the first written project is undertaken, which is coming from an integration of all the work learned during the previous three years.

Year Five - Integration

In this year we focus all of the previous learnings and expanding into the world by beginning a practice and learning to participate in group dynamics from a facilitation viewpoint. Advanced healing, counselling and leadership aspects of self are explored through all areas of study. This year is also the year when the more in depth written project is undertaken and the student joins with the facilitation team in an internship to learn group facilitation.

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As the school continues to grow, students who are interested may be eligible to join the facilitation team as a member and continue their journey with the school in this way.