Your Journey to Inner Resonance

The Journey to Inner Resonance traces the energetic bridge between the body, the psyche and spirituality. It addresses all the levels of existence of being human. It is a system for personal growth and healing that consciously incorporates mind, emotion, body and spirit.  Some aspects of the journey incorporate work which evolved from Wilhelm Reich and are firmly grounded in other major and academically-respected psychologies and studies of metaphysics. In simple terms, these skills will attend not only to your mind and your thinking, but also to your body, your feelings and your intuition. In short, all of you including your conscious and unconscious mind. In turn, this may draw your attention to the way you are, rather than a limited idea of how you think you are or should be.

Whatever your issues, problems or concerns, this practice will address these on all levels of your being: body, emotion, mind and spirit. As well as recognising that many psychological problems have immediate correlations in the body: anxiety and panic attacks, sexual or eating disorders, addictions, overwhelming feelings or depression.


Wellness is a philosophy for healthy living, underpinned by a philosophical perspective which recognises that all living forms possess a self-regulatory, inherent ability for self-healing. This inherent ability, or vital force, operates in an intelligent, orderly fashion. Natural healing approaches to health care are aimed at supporting and enhancing the body’s own ability to heal itself. This practice understands all emotional and mental problems in the context of the body/mind as a whole system.  For recurring problems to be resolved, mental insight is often not enough - something needs to happen that affects all levels of our being.

We therefore pay a lot of attention to the links (or disconnections) between feeling and thinking, physical sensations and images, spontaneous impulses and patterns of relating. We do this by utilising methods that may involve anything from touch to movement, energetic healing skills, art and imagery, or a combination of these. Thus this practice creates a space in which you can be and become who you really are. 


This practice is a system created to work within all the existing models of health care, and as such holds the energetic perspective in the creative process of health and healing. 

    How will this Journey enhance your life?

    People enter this journey from all walks of life. Some already possess gifts and are looking for an appropriate way to integrate them into their lives and careers. Others are already working in people-oriented professions and want to add value to their work. Some are on this journey to gain insights into their personal and spiritual development and for their own self-healing.

    Whatever your reason for choosing this journey, there is a great need for your skills in the world. Past graduates of this journey apply their skills in the following areas, as an adjunct to existing professional qualifications:

    • personal/spiritual development small businesses
    • healing and complementary health practices
    • psychotherapy practices
    • counselling practices
    • life coaching, and fitness and sports industries
    • wellness consultancies
    • education and special education
    • corporate professional development work
    • community services such as disability and aged care 
    • health services
    • working with at risk youth or gifted children