May 2018

Contributing Article Writer - 2018


Written by Beverley Howarth

When I look back over my life and the events that have occurred I can see how each moment has led to this current space in time. There’s a magical impulse that leads me from one moment to the next and it’s all part of the divine plan and my part in it.

I’m so aware of the potential in each moment and the pleasure inherent in these moments.  Sometimes though I don’t want to participate so I switch off from it.  There is an inertia which sets in, and all the magic disappears from my vision and I inhabit a mundane world.   I want to clear myself of these negative energy spaces and find the way to live in a constant state of movement and pleasure.

I’d like a magic wand to lift this heavy energetic pattern from me.  I once used to joke with my students who wanted instant enlightenment that I would get my magic wand.  At least I thought I was joking.   What if it really is that simple?  What if I have this already inside me?  A very deep warm feeling of pleasure arises as I begin to make a very real connection with something – something that feels like an inner sun glowing brightly and when I close my eyes I can see it.

There is definitely magic in being alive and I think therein lies the answer.  When I think of the miracle of birth and the wonder of beholding a newborn I know that I am in the sphere of magic.  There is a certain quality to the energy and an upwelling of feeling which transports me to that primal feeling of creation – a feeling of being in my own little bubble where everything is alive and full of potential.  When I feel this there is a thickness in the air as though I’ve stepped into a boiling cauldron where there is activity in every atom and molecule and this boiling action awakens my senses and the cells in my body.

Sitting in my garden in the early mornings, appreciating the new blossoms who opened overnight, I remember what I’ve recently been taught by my guides and I bring to mind my awareness and connection with the elements all around me and I know that I am a part of the entire creation of life and that I must take my place in the ongoing movement each moment.  

This morning as I connected with the elements in my garden I was transported once again to Egypt and the powerful sources of energy living in the temples and other sacred spaces and once again I have my own aliveness and the source of it.  I’ve been connecting with the very elements of creation of my body and the body of the earth and sky.  Like that crisp feeling after a thunderstorm and how the plants look greener and more alive.

Beverley Howarth