April 2018

Contributing Article Writer - 2018


Written by Beverley Howarth

In 2013 I received a channelling from the Egyptian goddess Isis.  The depth and meaning of her instructions were unclear initially.

"There are twelve elements below your feet which hold you safely and protectively on the earth.  These twelve elements are all chemicals and gases, which comprise the physical world.  However, each element comprises an energy force.  Once all twelve are embraced and utilised, they form an alchemical compound that brings a human person through the heart chakra to the highest form known to man.  It brings you through the pinnacle into the domain of the Queen of Heaven.  It is the soul's purpose of the heart chakra to maintain the organ of the heart and strengthen it so as to allow for feelings of love, which are the actual connectors.  Without love the twelve elements are inert.  Love when it is manifest in the physical form is particalised and those particles magnetise one element to the other."

This led me to some of the most sacred and potent temples and sites throughout Egypt, sailing the Nile with a powerful group of emissaries to undertake the first phase of these activations in April 2017.  We focused on our first chakra and the energy descending from it into the depths of the earth realm, related to our soul’s journey in this life.  We all experienced shifts and the ability to hold the fifth dimensional energies more consistently.  We brought these activations through the cauldron of the heart as we gathered the energies, which created the alchemy required.

I became aware that our process was like building a temple.  Each activation built toward the next one. I remembered a channelling from Seshat, Egyptian goddess of wisdom, knowledge and writing.  She was intently focused on our foundations for life, reminding me they need to be strong and deep:

"As you meditate or contemplate, dropping yourself even more deeply into this next level it is like you are bringing every part of your experience to the ground underneath your feet so that you may stand upon it, gain strength, clarity and self-assurance with which to bring yourself into a much greater confidence and experience of your life.   Dropping down one level, there are minerals the like of which will inspire you once you realise the affect these have on your physical body in each moment.  These elements support your every thought, your word, your action, your body and the physical structures built on the earth.  Each one of these elements has a devoted purpose for being."

My life has transformed in many ways since I have begun this journey with the elements.  I have opened myself to many new experiences including having brief moments of bi-location and other etheric phenomena.  I am extremely fortunate to have the mastery of my Egyptian colleagues who hold the ground underneath my feet, which allows me to continue my journey of discovery of all that I am.