February 2018

Contributing Article Writer 2018


Written by Beverley Howarth

I really love transformation in all its forms. I love to witness the magic. When I was a girl I kept silk worms and I was fascinated with them. I fed them leaves from different plants so that they would spin different colour silk. What do we rely on for transformation? What brings us to the pinnacle?

As a result of our collective efforts, the energy has dramatically changed and our transformation occurs through becoming more appreciative and grateful for our life and for each other. We are asked to wake up to achieving our highest potential through our intentionality and positive awareness. These are positive steps connecting us with the elements of the physical and spiritual worlds.

Lately I’ve been drawn to reading more on magic, and I have found that it is essential to have physical strength. Mystery schools of the past and present place a focus on a strong body as the container for a strong psyche where characteristics such as respect for self and others, integrity and the ability to know right from wrong are the basic foundations for successful transformational occurrences. Interestingly enough a strong body does not entirely rely on physical fitness and exercise. There needs to be a strong connection with inner life which becomes strong through meditation, contemplation, activities such as martial arts or qi gong or similar practices to cultivate and balance life energy.

Through my work of the last thirty years as a psychotherapist and energy healer I am convinced that our inner life and connection with our longing to coalesce our soul’s purpose for being here is of paramount importance. This purpose has everything to do with being here on earth and therefore the need to connect with the earth through grounding methods.  The elements of the periodic table are things we have in common with the earth and which create our strong connection with her. I imagine this has something to do with the fact that she is named “Mother Earth” because she has all we need for nurturance of life. Through connecting with the elements in my physical body and energizing them I am more deeply connected and feel more confident and competent. This brings about an affect resembling a Fibonacci spiral energetic, which takes on life through activation with the earth and her elements, our physical body, and the space/time continuum with its elements.

I think that connection with what I love is the key. I really enjoy the ancient sites in Egypt where energy is still alive and carries the wisdom of the ancients and when I am there I feel very energized. I also love sacred geometry and believe in its transformational energy. The great pyramids and temples all have sacred geometry as their foundations. There is also a physical effect. After my return from my last trip many people told me I looked radiant and twenty years younger. Therein lies the magic and the transformation.

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