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Introduction to Elemental Magic

By Beverley Howarth

For many years I have been interested in magic.  As a child I was drawn to the mystical and spiritual aspects of life. It has taken much study and learning to find that the magic I have been seeking lives inside myself.

I have followed my instinctual self and my intuitive nature and have tapped in to a greater me through my love of the archetypal world. I have found that those abilities I admired and respected – the abilities to be a part of a magical kingdom – exist and are available to all who resonate with it.

Since accessing this part of my eternal nature I have undertaken many projects, which have proven to be of service to those drawn to join. To mention a few of these creations – I have undertaken training to become a healing therapist and set up a personal practice which began in 1993 and is still flourishing today. I have set up a training institution to teach others and enable them to become healing therapists founded in 1998 and still operating in 2017. All the while I have continued to study and learn from the natural world and her elements. In 2014, I wrote and published a book, Inner Resonance, which outlined the work I would undertake.

In 2000 I began another adventure into ancient Egypt by receiving guided information that I would be working with the elements in the periodic table of elements. The ability to receive guidance from a higher source was a capacity I slowly learned and trusted throughout my training. I began a casual study of this subject and found that I was guided from that time on, and in hindsight I can see that I have been guided towards this all of my life. I have visited Egypt and many of her temples and ancient sites approximately forty times since my first journey there in 2006 and have taken many interested travelers with me since 2008.

In this next stage of the journey we are gathering together groups of like-minded, energy conscious people from all over the world to work with the elements both in a shamanic and energetic manner to activate higher consciousness through energy portals, which remain in the temples and ancient sites in Egypt.

We prepare ourselves for this work through connecting with the elements of earth, air, fire, water and space and through certain crystals and pure oils which hold the frequency of the periodic table element we are activating. We locate the element within ourselves, and work with our energy field to completely upwell and distribute it directly through the portal into the depths of the earth (aided by the crystal energy) and to the heights of the spiritual universe (aided by the energy of the oil). Thus we activate each specific element (ie hydrogen, etc) at the chosen site, which corresponds to the elemental necessity of the time/space continuum

 Queensland, AUSTRALIA

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