Our Philosophy

Founded in 1996, Institute of Energy Science is dedicated to the training and development of all those who aspire to the healing arts and, in particular, to the art of energy healing and body psychotherapy. IES is committed to the wellbeing of all living beings on the planet and the development of techniques which enhance the quality of that wellbeing.

Our Vision

Our vision is to bring to all the benefits of any knowledge and wisdom which we may have accessed, and to bring forward the working skills to bring these aspects into form. We envisage our graduates being the forerunners of new and exciting healing techniques which will enhance the quality of living for all those who choose to bring healing into their lives.

Our Purpose

  • To provide quality training and mentoring in a highly specialized form of complementary health care 
  • To develop highly trained graduates who are competent in self awareness, communication, personal expression and building and maintaining relationships
  • To continue to evolve as an organization whose purpose is to develop and research new methods of personal and professional skills

Our Faculty


Beverley Howarth - Principal and Founder

Beverley has worked as a body psychotherapist since 1992. She graduated from Barbara Brennan School of Healing (USA) in 1998 and from the Center for Intentional Living (USA) in 2001 where she studied psycho-spiritual psychology. She taught at BBSH for six years. From 1998 to 2000 she trained as a supervisor and is qualified as a personal and group supervisor.  

Since 2006 she has attended several workshops and trainings with Tom Kenyon, who is a sound healer. It was with Tom that she had her first introduction to Egypt and had a profound experience, which has continued to expand her teachings. In 2013 Beverley began her studies of energy healing with Rosalyn Bruyere, renowned teacher and author of “Wheels of Light”. Her previous training and experience include 4 years of telephone counselling, personal loss and grief counselling and volunteer training facilitation with Lifeline Brisbane.

Her extensive professional experience and training have given her a strong knowledge of characterology and mastery of many ancient natural healing techniques, along with study of the Pathwork. She has been trained in shamanic practices and also in merkaba and sacred geometry, and has developed many new body psychotherapy techniques as a result of this training.

In January 2015 she graduated as a Delegate in the Level 1 program of Unified Physics with The Resonance Academy. She is currently studying a comprehensive course in the energy of archetypal forces and how they affect our lives.

She is a member of ACA College of Clinical Counsellors and ACA College of Supervisors.  

Her development of the qualifications in this Journey is based on a profound understanding of the concepts, principles and treatment methods of energy science, and from years of working as a practitioner and trainer. 


Jay Radford - Teacher

Jay graduated from IES in 2005 and completed his advanced studies in 2006. Jay is a qualified Somatic Psychotherapist, massage therapist and movement teacher, with a background in dance and circus. As a teacher, Jay embodies his love of movement and how it can connect us to our essence and our deepest longings for connection.

Jay has been studying Continuum Movement since 2010, and has recently completed his studies in the US to become a certified Continuum Movement Practitioner. Jay first started his private practice in 2006 and has worked for many years in Mental Health and Disability Services.  He currently works as a Somatic Psychotherapist and Continuum Movement Practitioner in Brisbane. 


Vicki Pearson - Assistant Teacher

Vicki Graduated IES Diploma of Body Psychotherapy in 2009 then completed her Advanced Diploma in 2012. She has worked mentoring youth through school programs. Through her caring nature, empathy and genuine interest in people, she relates well to people from all walks of life.

Vicki is a grandmother, mother and wife, and she was in the hospitality industry having owned and managed cafes for over 25 years.  Vicki is currently practicing Body Psychotherapy on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast.