Activation 19 Potassium

We made the funerary journey from the Pyramid of Unas along the causeway to the Funerary Temple and were guided to stop at an extremely powerful energy portal which was a gate along the pathway.  It was here that we activated he element Potassium into our merkaba.

 A 750-metre-long causeway linking the plateau runs from the valley temple to the upper temple next to the eastern side of the pyramid. It is possible to picture what was back then a covered paved road, its walls decorated with religious and everyday scenes.

At the far end is the valley temple, where the provisions for the cult of the pharaoh were received and offerings were prepared, and at the other end is the mortuary temple where the offerings for the deceased took place.

Potassium is a mineral and electrolyte. It is essential for all of your body’s functions. It helps nerves and muscles function properly, as well as moving nutrients and waste around cells.

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