Activation 18 Argon

We visited the Burial Chamber of Unas at Sakkara where we were led to activate the element Argon.   Unas was the ninth and last ruler of the Fifth Dynasty in mid-24th century BC.

On the western side of the Pyramid of Unas, the burial chamber stands out with its unique, well-preserved Pyramid Texts that incorporate instructions for burial rituals and life after death. The extraordinary set of hieroglyphics decorating the inner chamber with references to Unas all around are what makes the pyramid special.  "Unas is the first pharaoh to have these magic formulas inscribed on the tomb walls that were believed to help him resurrect and reach the sky".  

In illustrating the first formula that was to meet the face of the resurrected king, it is noted that the text speaks to the pharaoh and reads"Oh Unas, it is not dead that you’re gone, it is alive that you’re going," marking the beginning of the afterlife.  Images of offerings such as food and drink on the wall behind Unas’s head - among them the seven sacred oils essential for resurrection - show what things were needed for reanimating the body and preparing the king for resurrection from his tomb for the afterlife.  Noticing the numerous starfish painted on the chamber’s ceiling which probably represent the human-shaped figures of resurrected kings, it is said that, like all pharaohs, Unas aspired to become a star in order to ascend to the heavens.

There is such a magical, mystical feeling in this chamber.  Argon is a noble gas and has the effect of preserving energetic spaces which makes it completely perfect for this tomb and our activation.  After our activation we felt a lightness and joy.

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