Announcing another fantastic journey to ancient Egypt 18 to 28 October 2019

Whether you are interested in learning about the Ancient Egyptians, understanding more about the ancient energy of the temples and sacred places such as the Sphinx and Great Pyramid, being with the alchemy of raising the energy at the many energetic portals active in Egypt or simply sightseeing with a small group of fellow travellers - this is the travel opportunity for you!!

We have an itinerary which we hope will interest and excite you.  Think of yourself spending time inside the Kings Chamber of the Great Pyramid - perhaps connecting with the feeling of what it could have been to live all those years ago (some say possibly 8,000 BC).  Or perhaps sitting between the paws of the Sphinx and feeling the power of this great monument.  Maybe just enjoying yourself sailing on the River Nile, just as the ancient Egyptians did in a small sailing boat, relaxing and watching the world go by.

If you've always thought of visiting Egypt, come with us - you won't be disappointed.

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