Element 22 Titanium

Our second activation was element 22 Titanium and was in the Temple of the Holy Man on the Island of Kalabsha in Lake Nasser. We found this beautiful area with very strong energy where we brought our intentions and our thoughts to present time. We were surrounded by reliefs on the temple walls of goddess Serqet the scorpion goddess of protection, the god Ra Horakhty who was the combined god of Horus and Ra representing the sun as it travelled across the sky and the goddess Anuket who represents the River Nile and is protective of birthing. 
Our intention was to activate the element Titanium as it calls forth the energy of rainbows and the magical aspect of the mystical world which then brings expandedness into our lives and the physical world. 
This element was very active and formed a group hara in the centre of our circle which then encircled us in strong light and activated itself in this way. We all felt the ease of the simplicity when this occurred.

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