Element 21 Scandium

We began our activations on the Merkaba of the heart with element 21 Scandium, the crystal Pyrite and the plant oil Buchu. We were particularly focusing on balancing our internal masculine with our feminine and expanding into a strong and balanced focal point at the top point of the Merkaba. We chose a favourite location of the Old Gate of the Temple of Isis on the original Philae Island for this today. 
For all of us this was a very powerful and deeply grounding experience and we felt strong powerful energy in our hands and feet which remained with us for some time afterwards. We are all very acutely aware of the shift in the time/space continuum as we began our energy work. 
The gate is the entrance to Isis’ healing energy as it signifies the burial place of one of the body parts of Osiris her husband. The feeling of healing energy was all around as we brought the consciousness of scandium present.

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