Activation 96 Curium

Once again we find ourselves activating an element with the goddess Sekhmet in her chapel at Karnak and as has occurred each time previously when we have visited with her, she took place in the activation.  

We were activating the element Curium and connected it with the crystal Titanium and the plant oil Frankincense, one of the sacred oils used throughout history for clearing and creating sacred space.  Titanium is a fire element which is said to increase life force and vitality, activation of the rainbow body, humour and relaxation and enjoyment of life.

Whilst we stood in front of Sekhmet it became clear to several of us present that she wanted to join in with us in our circle and we reassembled, including her as a member of our circle.  We proceeded with the activation, gathering the energies of the directions and other elemental forces with which to activate the element Curium.  

Not much is known about Curium and what we concluded as we finished our activation was that our task was to honour its use as a force to bring connection and communication to us.  It was at this time that again we received information from Sekhmet that she would love it if we anointed her feet with the oil of Frankincense.  

As we did so, we each felt such a strong connection with her and all of humanity.  Thank you again Sekhmet for your wonderful presence and guidance.  

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